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Stay Cautious With Pump & Dump Scams – WallStreetBets Mania



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WallStreetBets members are now getting trapped into some pump and dump scams. What happened with GME, AMC, BB, NOK is totally different. Everyone wants to know what is the next GME. And that is where the manipulation is happening. Some people saying Doge is the next GME, some are saying TRX. But they need to understand that what happened with GME was different, it was a short squeeze and hedge funds are losing money on GME and retail is making money. But what is happening right now is a pump and dump scam! Big players can accumulate any random low market cap coin and shill it on WSB and the coin pumps devs or big players will dump on retail. This is a totally different game (scam). Some pump and dumpers are trying to make money out of the WSB hype. Be aware!

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Founder of TRX Justin Sun said he will invest 10million USD in GME stock. Then attached some hashtags of TRX so that people buy his coin and he can dump on the buyers. This is a classic pump and dump scam. Some people are using WallStreetBets hype to pump and dump and loot innocent retail traders.


This is a fake WallStreetBets telegram channel and they got 200k members overnight and started doing classic pump and dump scams. If you join these groups you will notice no one can talk in this group only admins can. And they also created discord and backup telegram groups and channels so that in case they get banned on Telegram, still, they can operate from Discord. Whenever you see such groups, report them and share this article and try to spread awareness so that people do not lose their hard-earned money.


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