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Altcoins Trades for February 2019 : Chart & Analysis



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4 Altcoins trades of this month

Before you invest/trade these altcoins, always remember that all these trades might get invalidated in case BTC does not perform well. So be careful and do not take more than 10-15% loss on a single coin. Also do your own research, we are just sharing our ideas & analysis, this is not a financial advice.


Monthly double bottom, currently trading at 2.6$, You can buy some, big target but don’t use big amount, also do some own research and let me know on the discussion group if you have any different idea on this.



Same chart like qtum, monthly double bottom printing, currently trading at 0.87$ , you can buy some, do your own market research before taking trades and let me know if you do not agree with any trade idea.



Again same chart like previous one, Its a Chinese coin and china is going through health emergency, so not sure if big Chinese money will flow into this coin or not but the chart looks nice, you can accumulate some, currently trading at 13.1$


Past Example

If you are wondering why I am looking for double bottom pattern only and nothing else, back in Dec 2019 i when dominance was too high and alts market cap was oversold I decided to keep eye on alts market, I posted this trade, only based on a falling wedge pattern and a double bottom on monthly and return was +200%, since then I am watching majority alts are following this monthly pattern and the coins I am trading they have margin trading available so liquidation is also a good fuel to break resistances, although alts market is trending, but I would recommend not to take high risk on alts anymore, back in Dec 2019 it was good risk-reward entries for alts, right now risk is a bit higher than Dec.


Possible targets for these altcoin trades

Big volume gaps on monthly, there are two nodes. The lower node is the accumulation node and the upper node is distribution. Just in case goes down accumulate only if goes near the lower node. Currently, the upper volume node will work as a magnet. If the price goes up and touches the upper volume node area you should start taking profit there. For example, check the ETCUSDT chart on the top left. NEOUSDT does not have a clean gap and target is also low, so if you want you can avoid NEO. A cleaner gap helps the price to move up faster and give better returns within less time period. Try not to overinvest and take a big risk because no matter how much profit they give. At the end of the day, they are all SHITcoins!



Ethereum Classic and Ethereum both chart looks almost same, double bottom pattern, a falling wedge breakout and previous parabolic trend breakdown look like an exact copy, so be a little careful if you are shorting BTC, use stop-loss and low lev, if ETHUSD goes up that would be bad for BTC bears.


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